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        Welcome to the website of Shandong Jinchi Heavy Industry Joint-stock Co.,LTD


        Address: Zhangqiu, Shandong, China
        Fax: 0086 531 83326518

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        South African businessmen to visit our company to visit and discuss cooperation

        Veces de hojeadas: Fecha:2015-12-07

        November 19, 2015, South Africa, four people to Ji'nan Gold Pool Ball Co., Ltd. to visit the production of ball rolling, and to discuss cooperation matters, the company's general manager, accompanied by South African Merchants Bank first to our company's advanced production line and first-class production management field to give a great positive, then a line to the quality inspection department of the company to visit, the company's strict quality system thumbs up.
        In the afternoon, at the company meeting, the general manager of the company and the merchants were to negotiate, and to determine the long-term cooperative relations.

        Warehouse steel bar


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