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        Welcome to the website of Shandong Jinchi Heavy Industry Joint-stock Co.,LTD


        Address: Zhangqiu, Shandong, China
        Fax: 0086 531 83326518

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        India, customer

        Veces de hojeadas: Fecha:2015-12-03

        August 31, 2015, India, Sofian and Endot customers a line of two people to visit our company, and I understand the steel production equipment, testing methods, raw material etc.. India, where the customer company is a professional import and export company, customers with its rich experience in mining, for many mining companies looking for quality suppliers to provide strong help.
        With high total, customers visited our raw materials warehouse successively, steel production line and testing center, see our advanced production technology and strict quality control system, customers repeatedly applauded, said he was looking forward to this Professional Company and gold pool.
        After the visit, customer visit Zhangqiu eight landscape of mountain. The customer not only gave a high evaluation of the wear resistant ball produced by the gold pool, but also praised our warm and thoughtful service. Shortly after returning home, he signed a trial order with us, and the order of the year.

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